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“Washington has used the Armenian genocide as a bargaining chip with Turkey”
In-depth interview with Khatchig Mouradian
“France 24”
30 October 2019

“The U.S. has used this genocide as a political tool. It’s time for that to change.”
By Khatchig Mouradian
The Washington Post
28 October 2019

IMG_8011China as Refuge for Armenian Genocide Survivors
By Khatchig Mouradian
Agos Weekly
28 July 2017
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Al-Bab: Gateway to the Desert During the Armenian Genocide

By Khatchig Mouradian
Agos Weekly
9 January 2017

My article on the Syrian town of Al Bab during the Armenian Genocide. Today, a century later, Al Bab is headlines news.
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In Turkish
In Eastern Armenian


Dead Poet and a Cobblestone Path

By Khatchig Mouradian
The Armenian Weekly
26 September 2016

A few weeks ago, I visited Misak Medzarents’ (1886-1908) village, Pingean, near the city of Agn (current name: Kemaliye) in Turkey. As I walked in the narrow, cobblestone streets and alleyways of the village where the beloved poet was born, I kept looking at the century-old houses, wondering: Perhaps he was born behind this door, perhaps he scribbled down his first lines on these stairs, perhaps he first fell in love by this fountain… Yet there was no sign of the great poet in this tiny, remote village. He might as well never have existed.

As we returned to our van, I typed in my phone: “I believe that Medzarents’ memory and legacy will, one day, return to Pingean; and his bust will adorn the little village center where older men are gathered now chatting; and perhaps, just perhaps, a small library in the village will carry his name. No, I do not believe. I know.” [Read more…]